Fall 2014

Letter from the Editor

Tricia Perry discusses the current issue and thanks members for their contributions.

Letter from the Administrator

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo shares division news.

Initial Examination

Melina Kolbeck contributes an interview written by a pediatrician.

Member Spotlight

Svetolik Paul Djordjević

Appreciation of Svetolik Paul Djordjević

Paula Gordon shares a bit of her experience working with Paul.

Tribute to Svetolik Paul Djordjević

Cheryl A. Fain talks about her thirty-year relationship with Paul.

Why Translators NEED to Know about HIPAA

Joan Wallace discusses the ramifications of the law on protected health information for translators.

Dutch-English Cardiovascular Glossary

Marie Brotnov shares terminology related to the heart, arteries and veins.

English-German Clinical Trials Glossary

Maria Rosdolsky shares a dual-column list of terminology related to clinical studies.

Fall 2014 Consolidated
This page contains all the articles (glossaries excluded) of the Fall 2014 issue, for those who prefer to print out the publication. Please print double-sided and recycle paper when you can!