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The current issue (Fall 2015) features:

Letter from the Editor

Tricia Perry discusses the current issue.

Letter from the Administrator

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo shares division news.

Letter to the Editor

Tzviya Levin Rifkind responds to "On Reliable Medical Translators" in the Winter 2015 issue once again.

Member Spotlight

Tapani Ronni

Windows 10 and HIPAA/HITECH Compliance: A Whole New Can of Worms

Danielle Maxson explains the security and privacy concerns with running the newest Windows operating system.

Two Essential Tools for Every Medical Translator

Jenae Spry discusses options for increasing productivity.

Introduction to the Translation of Cardiology Reports

Marie Brotnov provides background information for working with cardiology documents.

Fall 2015 Consolidated
This page contains all the articles of the Fall 2015 issue, for those who prefer to print out the publication. Please print double-sided and recycle paper when you can!