X'mas 2011

Christmas cards received in 2011.
We have sent them to Orphans as a Christmas gift from CAD KITS and Friends.
Cards received after the 5th of December will be sent in next year.
CAD KITS donated to Care for African Kids via http://www.globalgiving.org on the project name of "HIV/AIDS AND FAMILY PLANNING EDUCATION IN UGANDA" on 13th December 2011.
No. 1 From Zelimir S. of Norway
X'mas 2011 ZS
No. 2 From Don M. of USA
No. 3 From Damien L. of Australia
No. 4 ~ No.21 From Rolly H. of USA
No. 22 ~ No. 39 From Rolly H. of USA
No. 40 From Doug H. of USA
No. 41 From Andy H. of Scottland, UK
No. 42 From 3wood of Australia
No. 43 From 3wood of Australia
No. 44 From 3wood of Australia
No. 45 From 3wood of Australia
No. 46 From 3wood of Australia