In my time at the Cadence Fellowship House, God has given me many opportunities to develop my spiritual gifts. He used the house as a platform on which I could start to lead worship and develop skills in preparation and performance along with study of the Bible for a strong foundation. Mark Kohl and Ron Hand have been excellent mentors for me and my friends and I have had a blast getting to know them as well as the other members of the house. We have done many exciting things together to include visits to the local zoo, the State history museum, camping in the Columbia River Gourge, and many barbecues throughout the summer. On all trips, spiritual conversation was encouraged and never lacking. It has been such a blessing to spend time with the house leaders and the fellow members of various backgrounds. I go to the Cadence house because at the house, it is easy to form lasting relationships, to find great fellowship in which to grow in my faith, and to develop my spiritual gifts as God would have me. -Elliot

I started going to the Cadence Fellowship House about two years ago. Mark and Carol were very helpful providing fellowship at the house and helping me grow in Christ. I have had many opportunities to share my faith during this time, and encourage others. -Adam

Let the light of Jesus Christ Shine!!!



The Cadence House and Fellowship group is a place with many good things and good people. Every Sunday evening is dinner and Bible Study or teaching at the house where we all contribute by helping cook, clean, set up chairs, or bringing a dessert to enjoy. I come here because of the love shared and because its also not just about Sundays. People care about each other and share lives. All of us, regardless of age or situation, have a place and are accepted. I am able to volunteer and play music for worship but am not obligated or forced to play. This summer there seems to be a house event going on about once a week. I hope that you can join or support us in the ministry. -Brett


My wife April and I have been attending the Cadence House just out side of JBLM for a little over a year now. April and I are strong followers of Christ and a year ago we were searching for a group of believers that shared the same views and passion we have for our Jesus. Shortly after attending Chapel Next, just a few Sundays after arriving to JBLM, my wife and I were invited to the Cadence Fellowship House for a Bible Study. The rest was history. We feel so blessed to have found such a loving passionate group of people that are so down to earth but yet have there eyes so fixed on Christ. I could only hope that one day all groups of believers could share the same love and unity that has been shown here at the Cadence House where we always feel welcome and a since of belonging. April and I have grown so much spiritually with the love and spiritual guidance everyone here. I can only hope we can spend many years here growing and furthering our walk with Jesus! -Blake

My Husband and I have really loved being at the Cadence House. To me it has truly been a blessing. I have never felt or had a wonderful family. Being here has made me feel like I belong and that for the first time I Truly feel what it feels like to be Loved. I have changed so much since I have been coming here, for the best! I came to cadence broken and shattered from my past and the people here have loved me, showed me how to overcome with the help of Christ's love, forgiveness and being able to talk out all that I had held in for too long!! This place has literally helped my relationship with Christ to become stronger than it has ever been before! I am so thankful for this place that I call my home and how truly blessed I am to have the family I have here!! I am so thankful Blake and I were called to this place. I never want to have to say goodbye but when I do I know I'll see them again, maybe on earth but maybe one day in heaven worship our savior!!! -April

More stories coming.