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"Cadence is my home away from home. I love being there to ride, train, show, and simply enjoy my horse and my friends from day to day.  Susan really cares about our horses and her knowledge is extraordinary.  She's a patient teacher and an excellent rider.  And, she's always striving to help each horse and rider reach his or her full potential." Francine C and Aidan

"It is hard to find the right words to describe Susan Pommer. It is a rare combination to find not only a terrifically accomplished rider (Grand Prix Gold Medalist), but also an incredible teacher and an honest, thoughtful, human being all in one package. It's possible you haven't heard of Susan because she is not exactly one to shout about her successes from the roof tops but be in no doubt about it, Susan has been training horses and students in the Bay Area with an astonishing success rate for over a decade and it is more than the occasional show winner who owes a big thank you to the solid, classical start that Susan provided them. 

 I have had the good fortune to have worked with Susan for some time now and most recently, she helped me find the perfect second horse when my first  horse had to retire. Susan rode the new horse for me, watched me ride, and was able to help ensure we would be a perfect pair. Now, only a few months into ownership, we have attended our first show and come back with a blue ribbon! None of this would have been possible, without Susan.

Susan has that rare quality as a teacher of being able to isolate the one thing to say at any given moment that will truly help. She has a sensitive eye and keeps in mind the well being of both horse and rider at all times. I've had lessons with other teachers but have never found one to be as effective as Susan. Sometimes teachers ride well, but are poor communicators; sometimes teachers communicate too much and make you feel like you are not doing anything right; sometimes they are 'snobby' and not interested in you if all you want to do is improve your skill set and not compete. In Susan's case, she is the consummate professional. She has years of experience both as rider and teacher, and  the ability to teach both beginners and extremely experienced riders alike. Susan can turn her hand to most disciplines and can add value to both the casual hacker and the serious dressage competitor. Susan is willing to work with you on what you want to achieve with your horse and help ensure you build a great partnership.

I have had lessons where Susan has wanted to get on my horse to see what is going on and make certain she can effectively explain how to improve things. I have never gotten back on my horse after Susan has ridden without being amazed at how much difference she makes -suddenly there is a light, responsive, butter-like feel to my horse that riders like I yearn for and rarely achieve.  It is patently obvious what a good rider and trainer she is when you feel not only your own horse improve in his way of going but also see yourself making strides towards your goals.

 In short, if you are looking for a trainer who can get the best from you and your horse, you will not find someone to match or better Susan Pommer. She is a true gem." Jude B and Woody

If you don't like being yelled at by instructors or made to feel stupid, Susan 
is the trainer for you. She is incredibly patient and kind, while at the same 
time managing to gently push you to achieve more with your horse. It's this type 
of teaching style that has really made a difference to me and my horses at home 
and in competition.

When we send our horses to Susan for training their level of relaxation is 
wonderful to see: something about her barn settles the most anxious animal, and 
they progress quickly in the peaceful, contented atmosphere.

I recommend Susan and her professional, drama-free style to everyone 
wholeheartedly. In the style of the true classical masters, horses come first 
for Susan, and it shows in her results. Annie S and Manny

Susan is a rare gem in the dressage world.  Her competence as trainer (of horses) and teacher (of people) is impeccable, and that’s just the beginning.  What I most appreciate about my work at Cadence is Susan’s consistent invitation into a positive, inspiring learning space.  Day after day, my horse and I work more easily together to stretch beyond our perceived limitations and experience the magic of true partnership.
Laurel C and Sage