For over 7 years I have worked in Mechanical Design for various companies.  I have experience both as a contractor, and as a direct employee.  3 years of my experience has been in hi-tech, designing components, tooling, and fixturing for manufacturing.  In addition to my hi-tech experience, I have 2 years of product development/industrial design experience, working on end user products for both military and direct consumer products.

My skills go beyond just CAD work, I have experience in writing instruction manuals for production, doing process documentation, and process flow work in a manufacturing floor scenario.  Part of my job duties in the past have included documentation, getting information into data management systems, including CAD files, and other documentation, re-design of components, new design, product development, research, vendor communication/finding, updating, creating, and re-doing mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, and  CAD model rendering.

I have worked in production, manufacturing, and FAB work environments, in addition to normal office work.  This has included as-built work, re-tooling, manual correction of parts, and using the parts and fixtures I design to build or assemble the components myself.

When working I can either take a team player role, working well with different members of the team, as well as people outside of the team, or I can be given a task, and go do it without direct supervision, or a team environment, I thrive in both situations.  I have good communication skills, can write and speak well, including in front of groups of people, I have experience leading design teams, and heading up meetings.  In addition, I am creative, detail oriented, work well even under stress, follow directions well, and wish to learn everything I can that could help me in my job.

I look forward to working with you, and helping you to complete your goals in a timely, and cost effective way.

Thank you,
Ian Peterman