Wednesday April 25, 2012
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Developing Healthy Relationships

Andrea Higson, DSW. Andrea has worked for Community Living London for seven years. During this time she has worked in several different positions supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities. In 2009, Andrea began coordinating the Social Sexual Safety Awareness Education Program where she received the Service of Excellence Award.

Andrea will speak about the importance of education on healthy social sexual development for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities. The presentation will focus on a variety of areas including appropriate and inappropriate behaviour both in public and private settings, as well as healthy relationships (friendship and dating), nutrition, body awareness and hygiene. Andrea will demonstrate how tools such as videos, slides, pictures and hands-on objects are used for hands on educational purposes.

Recently Diagnosed and Agonizing Over Acronyms

Dale Tassi is a Social Worker who has been in the field for more than 20 years. For the past 11 years, she has worked with the Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic at CPRI to assist families to access community resources, build coping strategies, deal with grief and embrace the child they have.

Laura Lambert is a Child and Youth Worker who has enjoyed the majority of her career working with children with developmental disabilities. She is currently the Case Management Coordinator for the Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic at CPRI.

This presentation will take a look at some of the emotional and practical issues facing families shortly after their child’s diagnosis as well as a quick peek into the world of acronyms associated with autism spectrum disorder and/or developmental disabilities.

Family in Crisis: Coping and Positive Advocacy

J. Dale Munro, MSW, RSW, FAAIDD is an individual, couple & family therapist in private practice with the Redpath Centre in London. He is a well-known speaker across North America who has worked over thirty years specializing in autism, Asperger Syndrome & developmental disabilities. He has won awards for his work; and has published articles in many international books & journals.

An article on effective family advocacy written by Dale Munro several years ago has become the most copied paper on the subject across Canada. Dale will offer family therapy and advocacy insights that can help parents not only survive but thrive, as they try to support their child with special needs, their other children – and their partner.