Dear Participants, 

on behalf of the CADDA Conference working group I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the CADDA Conference 2012.

CADDA will provide a place for families and professionals to get real life, evidenced based information that represents best practices around issues faced by individuals with Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. On the first day you will hear from keynote speaker – Eustacia Cutler who is the mother of Dr. Temple Grandin. On day two you will hear keynote speakers Daniel Share-Strom and Robert Piohajjar and hear their experiences and heart-warming stories on living their fullest potential and self-advocacy.

Concurrent sessions will offer flexibility for attendees to choose from topics that interest them the most. Presenters will often be co-presenting with client or parent representatives wherever possible to provide real-life experiences. Handouts such as topic information, recommended websites, and take-away resources such as booklets and specific visual or practical aides offer an invaluable addition to the parent and/or professional during the conference. Displays will also be available to peruse during breaks and over the dinner and lunch hour.

CADDA is a community partnership between Autism Ontario – London, Thames Valley Children’s Centre, CPRI, Community Living London, Regional Support Associates and Fanshawe College. Together we wish to highlight the expertise and resources available in London and surrounding areas. We thank you for your participation and welcome your feedback to assist us in planning future conferences. Please contact us at


Marti Lussier (Autism Ontario – London)
CADDA Committee Co-Chair

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Russ Ness,
7 Mar 2012, 14:56