KediCAD cad cam fea software

      KediCAD is a CAD(Computer-Aided Design)  software for Linux.

It has 2 version.

   1-) KediCAD2B (2 dimesional version)

   2-) KediCAD3B (3 dimensional version)

 KediCAD3B  not stabil.

KediCAD is developing on GAMBAS3

   KediCAD2B Properties :

        - OPEN and save DXF files.

        - Line arc circle rect. polygon , polyline, move, cut ,  copy, rotate, mirror, array, trim, extend, inquiry .....

        block, object snap, layer , line properties(color,width....) , dimensions, ......

        - G-Code generation.

        - FEM (Finite Element Analysis)  with Z88.

        - Macro

        -CAE (Computer aided engineering) : 

            --Hydraulic calculations, 

            --Strength, section modulus, torque, motor power ..... calc.

            --Ready drawings ( bolts, bearings, [square, angle, npi, npu,hea,heb,hem profiles], retainin rings, .....)

            --unit convert

            - Animation

KediCAD YouTube Video

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