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Semester Piano Course

Starting the week of August 20th!
The Semester Course is a program that starts in August and runs through December. It consists of 14,  1 hour lessons plus performance and is designed to give students a well rounded piano education. Emphasis is placed on written music early on, providing a firm foundation on which to build new concepts. The lessons not only deal with playing and using written music, but also concentrate on many aspects of music theory, including intervals, chords and scales. Ear training is also be introduced and students  learn the building blocks of playing by ear.

How does your child fit in?

Each class meets once weekly. Children are placed into classes with students of the similar ability level. Beginning class sizes are generally limited to six students. Students are group by age and level.  Some age mixing occurs in groups due to ability level and the learning speed of the students. Participation in the prerequisite class,  Blast Off,  allows the instructor to establish the appropriate grade level for new beginners.  For the continuing student, performance from the previous year's study determines the group in which they are placed.   Click here to read the benefits of group piano lessons.

How are classes structured?

Each student has the use of an electronic keyboard on which they learn new music and review past week's music. Students play together along with the teacher who sets the tempo. This process encourages students to count and use a steady tempo while playing in class and at home.  Emphasis is placed on rhythm and students are encouraged to count aloud together instilling an almost subconscious sense of timing. There are plenty of opportunities for soloing while reviewing old pieces as students take turns playing alone.  Creative music theory games and activities are used actively in class to teach and reinforce musical concepts.  Rhythm exercises and ear training is incorporated into every lesson to help develop a natural sense of rhythm and pitch.

Students are encouraged to practice using a reward system.  Regular daily practice and homework completion is rewarded with points. These are also given in class for active participation and good behavior.  These points are collected and are redeemable for prizes from the prize basket, which is stocked with various goodies.

                                                                                 At Home Requirements: 

  •  A piano or keyboard (with full sized keys) easily accessible for daily practice.
  • A practice routine of at least 10 to 15 minutes per day for beginners, 5 days per week.
  • An available parent to oversee and help with daily practice.
                                                                                                   Please read about the necessity of practicing here.

        $110/ Month
  • classes grouped by level and age
  • classes meet once weekly for 55 minutes        
  •  Course runs September - December
  •  14 lessons spread across the semester 
  •  includes 1 performance

What musical materials are used?
Music materials are carefully selected by Ms. Lisa and handed out throughout the year in addition to using music from purchased piano books.  Both classically oriented pieces and popular pieces are studied in class to provide a wide range for musical study, piano technique and concepts.


There are 14 lessons in the Semester Course + 1 public performances/recitals          

       Preliminary Calendar TBA                                                      

  •                      No Refunds made for missed lessons.
  •                         No Make-Up classes available, unless student can attend an already scheduled class on another day.
  •                         Teacher will reschedule a class if teacher cancels.                                        

                                                            Tuition and Fees  

(includes materials fee)
due within a week of Registration
#2  - #5
September - December
$110/ month
due by the 5th of each month

Your child is not registered until the Non-Refundable Registration Fee (payment #1) is received. You must submit within 1 week otherwise Registration will be canceled!! The Registration Fee includes materials handed out in class, minus any books ordered.

Only if a place in a class cannot be found due to scheduling conflicts will the Registration Fee will be refunded.
Registration Fee of $50 due by the first class.

1st months tuition (September tuition) is due by September 5th!

o read the Cactus Keys Policies, click Here!

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Semester Course Registration 2017


Please fill in all the info requested as thoroughly as possible. By filling in the form you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the policies and will abide by them.      

Please submit the Registration Fee within a week to secure a place for your child on a class!                         
                      • You may pay by PayPal (below) 
                      • or drop (mail slot)  or send a check to Cactus Keys Piano Studio at 661 E. 32nd St. Ste. B, Yuma 85365
                      • to pay using cash contact Ms. Lisa!                                                                                           

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