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Preschool Play Music

Preschool Play Music is a beginning music course for children 3 1/2 to 5 years of age. Preschoolers and parents will be introduced to the building blocks of music,  rhythm and melody,  in a fun group environment. Our 12 week, twice weekly 45 minute classes will be divided into 3 main categories:  

Parent Participation
To participate in this class, students enrolled must have one parent present at each class. Parents are actively involved in the classes and learn along side their child. They are instructed how to help tutor them at home to encourage rapid musical growth and enjoyment. I have seen wonderful musical growth occur when parents are involved with their child's study and practice of music at home. It does not require a lot of time, just 20 minutes a day consistently, to allow your child's musicality and intelligence to blossom. This class fosters a stronger parent/child relationship built on the beauty and fun of music!

Rhythm notes will be introduced using a system of syllables that allow the children to pick up the notes naturally. Their rhythm studies will help them with reading and language skills as well as motor skills. Various fun rhythm instruments will be employed in this course that will get them learning to feel the beat in no time!

Melody will be introduced using the musical alphabet of solfege! Think, Do Re Mi, and so on.   The solfege system will familiarize the childrens' ears to pitch and allow them to become more acquainted every class with the basics of melody. Fun songs involving call and response and movement will be incorporated into our singing time.

Piano Discovery
Piano geography will be explored in each class. Students will learn the names of many of the piano keys.  Finger awareness, finger isolation and left/right hand orientation will be addressed and proper piano touch practiced.  Gradually students will learn to play simple songs using skills learned.