Blast Off! Beginning Piano

                                                                            Cost of Blast Off is $50, includes 3 classes and materials
August 21st, 23rd & 25th   (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)                                                         
Time Slot #1  for Kinders - 2nd grades
4:30 - 5:30

3, 1 hour classes classes meeting on days listed below:
August 21st, 23rd & 25th

Time Slot #2 for 3rd - 6th grades
5:30 - 6:30

3, 1 hour classes classes meeting on days listed below:
August 21st, 23rd & 25th


Parents are urged to attend these classes along with their children if possible to
ensure more success with these important basic concepts!

These days & times are subject to change,  The instructor reserves the right to change class times depending upon enrollment and other factors. If your child's class time changes and they cannot attend the class, your money will be refunded.

Important!! There is grade (age) overlap in the classes due to the fact that music is not as age oriented as school subjects, and out of necessity for families with more than one child participating in Blast Off.

If you have any questions about the group your child will fit into let me know, my contacts are on the left and right of this paragraph!
                                     Please note:
         There are
No make up classes available

          unless previously arranged by Ms. Lisa.

Blast Off Registration

About Blast Off!
Blast Off will get your child started in music and piano studies!
It is designed to give them a them a strong foundation in music using the building blocks of  rhythm, melody,  keyboard geography and technique.

Students learn in a fun, friendly group environment that is conducive to learning.    Below is a description of the concepts taught in Blast Off!

  • Students are taught the rhythm notes and learn to count and play them in time using fun rhythm instruments. The scale is taught using mini xylophones which trains their ear to hear melodic intervals.  Proper hand technique is introduced and practiced.  Students put the rhythm notes to work on the keyboard on one key.
  • The names of the most important piano keys (keyboard geography) are taught one by one,  and the student learns to identify them up and down the keyboard.  Hand technique is reviewed to include the new keys and the students are given simple songs that employ these keys.
  •  Review of all the previous keys and rhythm notes occurs.  More keys are added to their vocabulary.  New songs including these keys are given. Music reading elements are introduced such as Times Signature, measures etc. 

The aim of Blast Off is to prepare students for continuing study in the School Year Course which will begin on August 28th!

Questions?? Call Ms. Lisa! 782-0680
or text me at 581-0052          

To pay with PayPal please note, a PayPal fee of $2.00 is added onto the price of the course.

PayPal Simple Storefront

To pay by check or money order, send in or drop off (into the mail slot at bottom of studio door) at 661 E 32nd. St. Suite B 
Cash is accepted in person and by arrangement.

Please note: Your child is not fully registered until payment is received. Placement is retained by your payment. If spaces become limited spaces unpaid registrations may be canceled.