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Cool Ukulele

Learn to play this very popular instrument this summer! A great first stringed instrument, the ukulele is easier on the fingers than the guitar. Students will learn...
  • how to tune their instrument 
  • the basics of rhythm in this class in order to easily pick up strumming 
  • basic scale and chord theory will be taught as well learn to finger the basic chords on the ukulele 
  • students will learn songs that they can sing along with at home. 
With these basics under the fingers, they will have the ability to learn many more tunes on their own via You Tube and other websites. 

The cost of the class is $90, which will also cover most materials. 
The cost of the instrument for those who don't own one is $55.00.
The instrument can be purchased through Amazon. It is a very good instrument with quality workmanship. 
If you already own an instrument, I will need to see it to make sure it is tunable and playable. There are many cheap, bad quality instruments floating around.
A quality instrument will ensure that class time is utilized well and not taken up with excessive tuning. 

Class size is limited to 6 students.

To register:
Contact Ms. Lisa  at (Yuma area code) 581-0052