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Adult Piano

Adult Piano "Foundations," a beginning course.
Have you always wanted to learn the piano?
Or did you take piano once upon a time and are looking to dust off the skills you once had?
Come learn piano in a fun friendly group environment along with other adults. Whether you are just beginning, or already have some notes under your belt, you will get a solid foundation in this class!

                                          Classes begin the week of October 5th

You will learn the following skills in this course:

Using rhythm instruments, 10 minutes of each class will be spent learning, playing and counting the rhythms that you will encounter in piano music.  Relax and it will be fun and easy!

You will learn how to use a digital metronome to assist you in keeping time and understanding rhythms. If used correctly and consistently the use of the metronome along with counting and playing together in class as a group will produce good timing that will make learning to read music and play by ear enjoyable.

Keyboard Geography
The piano keys will be introduced in a logical order and mastered. Spatial recognition will also be taught on a continuing basis so as to allow you to be able to play without the need to stare at your hands making moving around on the keyboard reading music much easier before moving quickly to written music.

Prices and Dates

The course runs the weeks of October 5th through the second week of December  2015
  •   10 classes is total
Cost of the course is $240.00

  • paid in one payment of of $240 or 2 payments of $120 (2nd payment due by November 5th) includes most materials*
    •  Mondays at 6:45 or Tuesdays at 2:00, or 2:45. Other time slots may open if needed.
    •  Additionally on Saturdays or Sundays as needed at the beginning of the course during first week*

    Classes canceled by instructor may be made up if necessary to reach 10 lessons by the end of the semester.
    Reading Written Music A steady diet of well graded written music will come your way as you gain skill in music reading.

    Simple Music Theory
    Chords will be introduced early while learning to read as we embark on understanding simple music theory. Scales will be introduced and chordal relationships discussed as we learn to look for and understand the scale and chord patterns in the music used in every class. Learning to find the patterns is the key to music reading and the understanding of simple harmony!

    Solfege Singing
    Singing pitches and their syllables (do, re, mi and so on) provides  a strong foundation in music. It allows the student to internalize melody and encourages  growth of  musical ability. Each student will strengthen their musical "muscles" as they learn to vocalize pitches and sing simple melodies before playing which aids both reading skills and playing by ear

    Simple Ear Training
    Along with Solfege singing, simple ear training exercises will be discussed and practiced encouraging you to dig into the keyboard and pick out melodies, either popular or your own, by ear.

    Chordal Accompaniment
    Early on you will learn how to use chords to accompany simple melodies. You will learn how to know which chords to use to harmonize written melodies, and later how to harmonize melodies you pick out by ear.

    *Most of the materials will be supplied by instructor and will be covered by the materials fee, however a separate book may need to be purchased at additional cost.

    * an extra weekend class may be arranged for extra practice as needed for the class, or to make up a class cancel by instructor.

    To Register:

    Fill out the Registration form below and submit the first payment (out of 2 payments of $120)  You are not fully registered until you submit the payment. Registration is on a first come first served basis.

    Adult Piano "Foundations" Registration

    To Pay: you may submit the first payment of $120 by PayPal below, or send or drop off a check or money order to:

    Cactus Keys Piano Studio,
    661 E. 32nd St. Ste. B
    Yuma, AZ 85365

     Please understand you are not fully enrolled until your payment is received. If space becomes limited spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.

    You may pay through PayPal below. There is a $3.50 PayPal fee added onto the amount.

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