School Climate (Safe & Healthy Place to Learn)

District Climate Initiatives and Resources

Inclusive Practices Sites (co-teaching with general education and special education):

Local Control & Accountability Plan
(Goal 2 is devoted to Climate):

Single Plans for Student Achievement (for each school site (2017/2018):

SCUSD Data Dashboard:  

California State Dashboard:  
See how districts and schools are performing on test scores, graduation rates and other measures of student success.

Enter a portion of a school name, district name, or county office of education, and then select the Search button to obtain a list of results.

SCUSD Board Policies:
Become familiar with SCUSD policies related to school climate, discipline, bullying prevention and intervention, and harassment/discriminiation.
Sample policies:
Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process
Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process (Students with Disabilities)
Uniform Complaint Procedures
Positive School Climate
Behavioral Interventions for Special Education Students
Individualized Education Program
School-Based Health & Social Services
Suicide Prevention
Student Wellness

Visit this site to login and view up-to-date policies. 

Also view the SCTA teacher's contract, which has an appendix related to special education student inclusion appendix (Appendix D) which the CAC has been working to have removed since it was discovered in 2014, as it contains illegal language that is dscriminatory to students with disabiliites and violates IDEA, ADA and Section 504. There is also an article on safety conditions (Article 11) with information about behavior and classroom removal, and other information which sets the learning environment. 

Other Resources:
These websites have resources. Search for keywords related to school climate, discipline, bullying prevention and intervention, and harassment/discrimination.

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