A Message from the CiMH President and CEO
Sandra Naylor Goodwin, PhD, MSW

Welcome to this Web site created for county mental health and substance use disorders integration efforts with primary care. This web page is an ongoing effort to display efforts by counties. There are more efforts than listed here. We will continue to collect information and post as we obtain it. County contacts are listed for the initiatives. We encourage interaction between individuals to increase learning.
If you are aware of an initiative not listed here, please contact Alice Washington at awashington@cimh.org to provide her with information which we will add to this site.
There is enormous change occurring all over California as we attempt to improve care to individuals in need. The work is impressive. And, the more we can help each other learn how to better our services, the faster our progress.

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The topics are:

1. An Integrated Partnership Structure
2. Benefit Structure for Medicaid Waiver
3. Client Flow and Bi-directional Care
4. Financing and Sustainability
5. Information Technology
6. Preparing for Health System Reforms
7. Specialty Providers of Integrated Care: Core Activities/Services
8. Workforce Development 

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In an effort to assist counties and community-based organization (CBOs) engaged in or thinking about developing systems to integrate mental health, substance use and primary care, the California Institute for Mental Health (CiMH) has developed this Web site to describe the key elements of design and implementation strategies of most integration efforts underway in California.

Your responses to a CiMH integration survey was the basis for the content of this site.  The degree to which site content accurately and fully describes your initiatives is dependent on updates from users.  

Also, please note that the Roster of Contacts is based on information submitted in survey responses and may need to be expanded/updated.  

If you wish to update information on your program/county’s initiatives, please contact the site administrator. You may send updates to Alice J. Washington at awashington@cimh.org. 


Click here for an analysis of county integration initiatives by IBHP.

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Use this link to access the mapping of the
counties who have implemented or are implementing
integration initiatives

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and County Agencies
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