Volunteering Staff

Cambodian School is honoring our volunteers, past and present. They have been instrumental in keeping the school running for years. They have been giving their personal time and money to keep the school functioning for the benefit of all generations. Their dedication to school is very much appreciated by everyone in the community, especially the students and parents.
Thank you volunteers!

Hun Kim - Traditional Dance Instructor
Mony Mao - Language Teacher-Beginning Teens/Adults
Mardine Mao - Volunteer
Nenna Tep - Parent/Teacher Coordinator
Col. Sonny Tan - History/Geography
Kilong Ung - Special Topic
Sary Khauv - Language Teacher - Advance
Master Chen - Music Director
Kumit Ping - Khmer Civilization
Dara Leng - Volunteer
Vuthy Sek - Volunteer


Bonnarin Sin - Dance Director 
Bonneary Sin -  Teacher (Beginner)
Chunny Sok - Khmer Cuisine 
Koanne Tan - Volunteer
Malenie Lim - Teacher - Beginning Juniors
Phally Nim - Education Director
Samak Mao - Volunteer
Sivheng Ung - Literature 
Kosal Sam - Former Teacher
Cheurn Neou - Volunteer