João Teixeira is the self-defence instructor, he has been in various self-defence courses abroad in Europe and main land Portugal, with European and world famous instructors, with the mission to have the proper instructor credentials in order  to minister his sporting activities in the Academy.

Self-defence is formed by various styles developed by the club, mainly with Kombatan, Krav Maga, Muai-Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu, taking every possible technique from these styles that could be useful in self-defence, not sticking to a specific style.

Self-defence is very important  today, due to the growing expansion of aggression and  violence  witch that doesn't choose the means to reach the objective nor their victims, its very worrying.
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  • What is self-defence?

    Self-defence is a series of simple technical moves systematically available to everyone thrum constant training,releasing important mechanisms of self-defence against any possible aggressor,therefore making you more confident and aware of your surrounding's, and most of all having important tools  that could save your life.

    Our objective is implementing a tactical and technical training system en globing various self-defence tools acquiring thrum constant training, like safe distances, postures, defences, blocks, swaying, strangling, knock Downs, projections, counter moves, basically having all the useful tools for any possible street  confrontation against an aggressor, minimal risk with maximum efficiency for everyone involved. We pretend to assure a good physical and psychological balance, with the training not too physical demanding therefore making possible for people of all ages. Not needing great physical capabilities to train with dedication in order to apply the skills acquired when needed.


    Security guards  in exercise of their professional activities in a 
    major chain of Hotels in Madeira, Pestana Hotels Group, started 
    training Krav Maga. Photos

    A group of athletes of our club, and João Teixeira head instructor and 
    president of our club were present in a  Iberian seminar of Krav Maga 
    that took place in Lisbon on the 26th/27th/and 29th 0f Feb (rigth)

    FILIPINO Boxing/ KOMBATAN ARNIS / IPMAF PORTUGAL, On the 19th and 20th of Feb 2010,master Pedro Silva was present in the Island of Madeira. 
    See videos Com Teixiera >>> Faca

    From the 27h to 29th of Feb/2009, João Teixeira is in the city of 
    Porto-Portugal to train self- defence techniques (body to body combat 
    and knives techniques  ) with master Peter Silva.
    Mr João Teixeira  head instructor of The clube Academia de Combate da 
    Madeira went to this instructors course in order to provide his pupils 
    (students) the best  instruction possible.
    Mr João Teixeira quoted that its of great importance to guarantee a 
    very high standard of instruction, making sure that all the techniques 
    are taught properly and to an International level.

    Academia de Combate da Madeira prepares this season of 
    Self-Defence/Krav Maga, creating fantastic events and Seminars in the 
    Island of Madeira, Continent of the Portuguese Republic and 

    We also have another art of Self-Defence more inclined for knives and 
    sticks based on the learning's of Arnis - Kali - Eskrima, Philipino 
    fighting arts.
    This training will be given by qualified instructors.
    João Teixeira, instructor on this area, has been in several training 
    Seminars in various European countries.
    João Teixeira (quoted) what i have seen taught in the training camps, 
    are systems and techniques, that will be passed on by the best 
    There will be open Seminars and demonstrations to all students and non 

    In the present sports season 2009/2010, the self Defence department, will have as basis of training, the art of self defence Krav Maga.

    We pretend to have a simple way of training, witch involves a very basic and directive guides of learning Self Defence, we are focusing in a training method that has very high standards of quality, reason being in opting to work with the very best national and European Federation of krav maga Therefore we are very confident this was the right decision, to achieve the very best quality in traning, and will produce the expected results in a very short time (within a few years) And the students are guaranteed the best training possible by Europe's best instructors. And if they want to become instructors one  day they can do so by following the European Federation of Krav Maga, if they wish to participate in training seminar's organised by the Portuguese and European Federation of Krav Maga they are very welcome.
    In affect for those students who do not wish to travel there will be 
    organised 3 Krav Maga seminares in the island of Madeira in this current sports season by master Paulo Pereira top Portuguese instructor, of the European Federation of Krav Maga - Richard Douieb.To consult our program of seminars....We also have another form of Self Defence Arnis - Kali-Eskrima witch basis of training is sticks and knives, we feel its convenient in view of the fact that we learn to use sticks and knives, and could apply some techniques with for example to  an umbrella, walking stick etc. News reading
    Seminar of Agos Kamayand Arnis on the 16/17MAI09 (see Video)

    João Teixeira and Rui Rodrigues went to Guifõs Matusinhos to participate on a seminar with  master carlos Pulanco (Agos Kamay) and with Guro Vicente Batalla,master in Filipino knives..

    In day 27, 28 and 29FEV2009, João Teixeira go to be in the city of the Porto - Portugal, to train techniques of self-defense (fight body the body and techniques with knives) with the master Peter Silva. The club Academy of Combat of the appositive Wood in the formation of its technician, therefore thus only can offer the practitioners, a quality education and as he says its responsible maximum João Teixeira “we have to have the certainty to be to make the things well”. The formation continues and permanent, is a form to give confidence to our practitioners and to affirm that we are not to invent, what to teach we learn with best the a international level.
    Period of training of self-defense:

    In 22/23NOV2008 club ACM promoted a period of training with the Master Peter Silva, of the Kombatan, with intention to all develop of the self-defense the Phillipino, having itself practised techniques with woods, knives and body the body. To see photos: Not: (11)

    Mister Wood 2008
    ACM club was involved in a demonstration of self-defence, in an invent that took place on 09NOV2008 in Machico Forum called Mister Wood 2008, this demonstration aroused the attention of the public, because of its high degree of efficiency and simplicity. See page news and Photos 7 and 8 on this page.
    A Period of training of Self-defense was carried through, with Master Peter Silva, of the Kombatan, in the Funchal - Wood in 14/06/08. Photo in the album
    João Teixeira: - Travelled to Porto in 24/05/08, to participate in  a training course of Kombatan with Master Andy Elliot. Photo in the album

    Places and Time
    Self-defence  CLUBE SPORT MARÍTIMO, Santo António
    • Monday,  Wednesday and Friday at 19:30 – 20:45 h.
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:45 - 22:00 h
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 18:30 to 19:30, are for children from 8 to 12 year



    Techniques of self-defense: - Agos Kamay e Arnis 16/17MAI09  Watch Vídeo