Muaythai - Kickboxing

The Club, Academia de Combate da Madeira (CACM), is a member of the Portuguese Muay-Thai Federation, being Mr João Teixeira the General Secretary. The Portuguese Muay-Thai Federation is recognised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand. His Excellency


Mr Ambassador kasivat Paruggamanont waspresent at the
official presentation of the Governing Bodies of the Portuguese Muay-Thai Federation,

as well as the main events organised by the same (FPMT) and giving important support to the organisation by collaborating in the expansion of Muay-Thai in National and Regional territory.
By the intuition to introduce the fighting style of Muay-Thai in the island of Madeira, there were organised several seminars with international instructor's, Didier Le Borge, Jadet Moonphanit of the gymnasium

Jockey Gym of Bangkok and Mario Vega, witch are the best qualified and have fighters competing in the main international event's.
The instructor responsible for the clube desportivo Sporting Clube Pedernais, João Cardoso, has promoted various seminars in Madeira, and brought his best students to spar with our fighter's therefore to better prepare our students and improve their skills.

What is Muay-Thai/Tradition and History

Muay-Thai (Muay=Boxing.Thai=Free or Thailand) also known-ed as Thai Boxing, witch is Thailand's national sport. This Martial Art (fighting sport) was created over a thousand years ago and is considered one of the most powerful fighting sports in the world.

Its well known-ed as "Science of eight  members" is characterised by the use of elbows, knees, and the very powerful and violent kicks and  fists. The fighting technique is considered to be one of the most efficient Martial Arts using the knees and elbows. Considering today to be one the best  fighting sports in the world, Muay-Thai is today becoming more popular because of its very aggressive fighting style and great physical conditioning, concentration and self confidence, is bringing in lots of students. Most of the major Associations and Federations do not approve the use of elbows in official tournaments in order to maintain the physical  integrity of the fighters,considering use of elbows to be asian fighting rules.

Basic Muay-Thai  training techniques are fists (boxing), kicks, use of knees, elbows,clinch and projections. Muay-Thai is fighting sport where theres a constant exchange of blows.The Thais are considered to be the best in their martial art and travel all over the world to fight and promote Muay-Thai


Judges course
Took place this weekend in the Island of Madeira (13th and 14th of 
March /2010), the first faze of Referees and Judges course of Muay 
Thai, promoted by our club.

On the 14th of Feb 2010, in Vila Franca de Xira, held a Seminar of 
Muay Thai, two instructors of our club Academia de Combate da Madeira 
Delvino Rodrigues e Filipe Fernandes were present and  participated in 
this Seminar, thereby giving continuity to our project in developing 
and implementing Muay Thai in Madeira. Photos

On the 13th of Feb 2010, Academia de Combate da Madeira was present at General Assembly of the Portuguese Federation of Muay Thai, the 
Secretary-general of our club Mr João Teixeira  was unable to attend 
this meeting, Mr  Delvino Rodrigues (instructor) was there in Almada 
representing our club. This General Assembly was open to all Members, 
therefore was reinforced with the presence of our other instructor of 
Muay Thai Filipe Fernandes. Photo

On behalf of the Tailandesa Embassy and of the World-wide Federacy of Muay Thai, trainer Jadet Moonphanit of the gymnasium Jockey Gym of Bangkok, it comes to the Island of the Wood.
Jadet Moonphanit, of the gymnasium Jockey Gym de Bangkok, he was the chosen trainer to come Portugal during two months, on behalf of the Tailandesa Embassy and of the World-wide Federation of Muay Thai. This projecto was born of the official order that the Club Academy of Combat of the Wood made to Tailandês Ambassador in Portugal, together with the Portuguese Federation of Muay Thai, having the same been acceptance for the government of that country.
Jadet Moonphanit he is one of the best tailandeses trainers, being trainer of the famous KAOKLAY athlete, champion of the Lumpenee (famous stadium emBangkok, where if they dispute the best combats), being therefore one honors our Region to have it enters we.
Ambassador will come to the Region between days 27 and 29, to follow and to attend the development of the works.
It will be here also during the related week president of the Portuguese Federacy of Muay Thai, José Fortes, which is also one of best the technician in Portugal.
Since already I want to thank all the athletes who had always been to my side, the fact to have believed and trusted me. This that obtained is not for me, it is yes for them. They are that the moments and knowledge will go to use to advantage all that will go to them to be transmitted. I only fulfilled my part as trainer and controller”
According to João Teixeira, “that is the concretion of a dream” to see Notice in the Daily City of 06MAR2009, p. 8

Preparation for the national championship of 2009

Between the days, 21st and 28th of February (week of the Carnival), 
Academia de Combate da Madeira is sending two athletes to the 
Canaries, for a week of training for the preparation of the next 
National Championship to Muay Thai in Portugal, taking place on the 
4th of April in the Bombarral. The athletes participating are: Diogo 
Abrantes and Ricardo Gavina, that will train 5 daily hours next to 
professional athletes, mainly the area of the Sparring. The athletes 
in question, will be sleeping in the gymnasium in sleeping bags, 
demonstrating the sacrifice to learn Muay Thai. This period of 
training of preparation, counts on the support of "nuestros Hermanos" 
of Wool gymnasium KAWESAMRIT Palmas, through our great friend and 
technician, Mario Vega, We also inform that Mario Vega, was invited by 
our President of the Academia de Combate da Madeira and technician 
João Teixeira, to help our teams that will participate in the next 
National championships, having accepted the cited invitation. The 
relation with Mario Vega is very positive for us the club and 
fighters, and it starts to deliver good results

In Madeira: - Period of training of Muay-Thai with Mário Vega

From the 10th of JAN 2009 until the 17th of JAN, a period of training 
of Muay-Thai has two daily sessions of training, first session starts 
at 10h00 am to 12h30 pm and the other session starts at 19h30 pm to 
22h00 pm, given by technician MÁRIO VEGA DEL ROSARY, this period of training had the purpose to form a work group, and technical knowledge, so that this modality is given and developed for club ACM, with 
respect for the tradition and deriving techniques of its native 
country Thailand..
Daily Pag City: 11 Not: (13)

Embassy of Thailand Confirms coming of Muay Thai instructor to Madeira

Already it is confirmed by the Embassy of Thailand, the one coming 
instructor of Muay-Thai to Madeira, Sir Jadet Moonpanich, instructor 
of the Club Jocky Gym de Bamguecoque, to prepare athletes of the Clube  Academia de Combate da Madeira
To read Notice Not: (12)

Mister Wood 2008
ACM Club in a demonstration of Muay Thai held on 09NOV2008, the forum Keene, called Mister Wood 2008, this demonstration was favored by the general technical level shown in the techniques of body to body and knees. See News and Fhoto

-The CACM will be present with a delegation of eight athletes in a training camp of Muay Thai, that will take place on the island of Gran Canaria, organized by the gym KAEWSAMRIT of the island, and will run from 11 to August 16 ... (News from Canaries No. 9). the main instructor of Muay Thai-MARIO VEGA  DEL ROSARIO technician who lives in Thailand in the field of training Kaewsamrit from Bangkok

Mr. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, in Lisbon, Kasivat Paruggamanont, arrived on 21JUL08, to Funchal in the evening ... Will be presence at a session of Muay Thai, sponsored by the Academy of Anti Madeira, news on 22JUL2008 by the media. (Enventos and News 8).
Team Muai T hay / Boxing Thay, who participated in the national championships in April 2008, getting two first places, one second, a third and a fifth place. Thay Boxing. 1 Ruth SILVA (-60kg) 1 pt. DIOGO ABRANTES (-71Kg). 2 RICARDO SILVA (-67Kg). 5 LINO ALVES (-67Kg). Muai T hay 3.º RICARDO Muai T hay. 3 RICARDO GAVINA (-75Kg). Gavin (-75kg).

Locations and Hours

Apel School, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 20:00 to 22:15 hrs.
Career No. 20, 21 - Hours of Funchal - with output in the path of Til

Career No. 20, 21 - Hours of Funchal - with output in the path of Til


Pools of Ponta de Sol, Mondays, Wednesdays, from 19:30 to 21:00 hr - See photo







First place: - National Champions Diogo Abrantes and Diogo Rebolo, 26ABR2009


Thailand’s coach Sir. Jadet Moonphanit, Sir. Ambassador of Thailand KASIVAT PARUGGAMANONT and FPMT President Zé Fortes. Madeira Island in 27MAR2009,