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NEWS: - According to João Teixeira, the coach of the clube Academia de Combate da Madeira, this training camp will be very important for my athlets, because in addition to the technical changes that they will be exposed, and hard training for 6 hours per day. I am sure they will improve a lot, and all these new skills  then can be transmitted to younger ones. "The Clube Academia de combate Madeira will be present with a delegation of eight athletes in this training camp of Muay Thai, that will take place on the island of Gran Canaria, this event was organized by the gym KAEWSAMRIT of the island, and which will run from 11 to Aug. 15.

This program of internship is to train Six hours per day, divided into two sessions of three hours, as is done in Thailand.  Once in the morning and warming, are 12 kilometers of  running, followed by 4 rounds of PAOS 5-minute-long, continuing with 4 "rounds" of 5 minutes on the bag, 30 minutes of "clinch" and knees, working from abdominal muscle strengthening with 300 pushups and 300 of arms, ending with stretching.
In the afternoon starts with 30 minutes to jump rope, 6 "rounds" of 5 minutes of "stick's," 5 "rounds" of 5 minutes of bag, 3 "rounds" of 5 minutes of "sparring" technical, 30 minutes of "clinch" and knees, race, 3 miles, 300 Knees the heavy bag followed by 100 kicks, muscle strengthening with 300 pushups and abdominal, finishing with stretching.
To that end, will present several athletes from Spain and other countries, which will be conducted by technical Mario Vega, who is assisted by his athlete Mahy Cruz, European champion of professionals. 
It is, incidentally, that Mario Vega is a technician who lives in Thailand in the field of training Kaewsa-mrit from Bangkok, where in addition to training, also gives lessons and helps prepare the large field of professional fighters.

According to João Teixeira, Mario Vega and Mahy Cruz are scheduled to arrive in  Madeira on the 17th, here are for a week to train with my athletes. What happens is that this week-end the Mahy Cruz will fight in Tenerife for the title, and it was agreed that hi contribuition will be for the next time, Mario Vega came from Thailand, which in principle will be there for December or January 2009 ". 
"Anyway,in the club in March of next year there will be presente one Muay- Thai coach in the Region, for two weeks, a result of the negotiated agreement with the Thai Embassy in Portugal. Until then, there will be some movements of athletes from class A "In order to conduct training for combat with the elements of the club, who are preparing for the competition.

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In the Wood: - Period of training of Muay-Thai with Mário Vega

To 10JAN2009 until the o day 17JAN, a period of training of Muay-Thai with two daily sessions was become fullfilled, of 10:00 to 12H30 and of 19:30 to 22:00, given for technician MÁRIO VEGA DEL ROSARY, this period of training had as purpose to form a work group, with formation and knowledge technician, so that this modality is given and developed for club ACM, with respect for the tradition and deriving techniques of its native country , Thailand.

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Athlete of the CACM in the Canaries with MARIO VEGA DEL ROSÁRIO 

Athletes who had participated in the Period of training of 11 the 15 of August of 2008

Professional and professional neo athletes, who are guided and prepared for the main Trainer of Muay-Thai MARIO VEGA DEL ROSARY who had participated in this period of training, whose Resume of some, are indicated in the photo of the pamphlet advertising executive.