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The Club Academia de Combate da Madeira  "CACM"  is an academy of combat sports, which is developing combat sports, martial arts,self-defen

ce, and gym fitness.

For applications, information or suggestions, please contact the president and founder of the club.Mr João Teixeira, mobile number 963061909,e-mail

m or And the academy headquarters is at the following address.  Rua de São Sebastião, 89, código postal 9100-175 Santa Cruz,

Mobile: 968 356 303

Telephone: 291 256 303

Fax: 291 524 927


The club`s activities are: Self Defence, Muai-Thai, Karate, judo and Gym Fitness.

The Academy president: Mr João Teixeira, mobile  963 061 909

The Academy vice presidente: Delvino Rodrigues, mobile 911 000 205

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  • Another successful event The Academy of Combat Madeira welcomes the commitment of all practitioners. Once again proved the acceptance that this mode has been on this Island, highlighting in each formation and ...
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  • Seminar with the Master, Vincent Batalla It is already in February (days 17 and 18), we will have here in our region, the Master, Vincent Batalla, a seminar for more Arnis (Brokil Istukada), as well as ...
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  • New Regional Secretary for Education, visit installations of the Club Sport Marítimo The new Regional Secretary for Education, Dr th Jaime Freitas, visited today (19-11-2011) the installations of the Club Sport Marítimo, which in turn came to know the activity ...
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  • ACM participates with three athletes in the 1st Regional Kickboxing Tournament / Muaythai - 71 JOSÉ MARCELO VELOSA ABREU; - 81 JOÃO PEDRO GOMES GOUVEIA; -75 HUDSON PEREIRA VIEIRA;All these athletes are started in the sport and will start doing the sport this season ...
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  • Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, visit our Club The new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand in our country, Mr. thereof,Chakorn Suchiva, accompanied by a First Secretary of the Embassy, ​​Mr. thereof,Pikultipsakorn Annanhas visited our ...
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  • Filipino Martial Arts Seminar - Master, Vincent Batalla The Club, Academia de Combate da Madeira, takes effect next Aprila Filipino Martial Arts Seminar, inviting to the effect, the Master, Vincent Batallarepresentative of the style,"Brokil Istukada ...
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  • 26-06-2010, 2nd Muay Thai Meeting in Academia de Combate da Madeira Published on 1st Jun 2010 23:53 by Academia de Combate da Madeira [updated on 14th June  2010 23:48] 2nd Muay Thai  Meeting 26/06/2010 In the past ...
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