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The Shotgun event consists of a sporting clay format that resembles scenarios encountered in the field with birds flying in multiple directions and often two at a time. 

The Muzzleloader event also has targets placed at various distances up to 75 yards and shooters need to learn to judge distances and be competent in loading and shooting a muzzle loader to hit challenging targets.
 This requires significant preparation and practice to understand the capabilities of ones equipment and skill.

A 22 Rifle course consisting of targets placed at various distances up to 75 yards. To be competent in this event, a shooter must know his equipment well and how it performs at different distances. This event also requires shooters to use all shooting positions. 

Archery.The intent is to simulate a hunting situation.To do that, numerous types and sizes of 3D animal targets are arranged to test each competitor’s ability to judge distance and make a vital shot.