What is YHEC?

Youth Hunter Education Challenge

What is it? It is a program administered through the NRA. It is the application of skills learned in Hunter Education applied in a fun, competitive atmosphere. 

Who is it for? Youth up through 18 years of age. 

What are the requirements? Hunter Safety Graduation certificate (blue card) and a desire to compete in a safe and fun enviroment.

What do the kids do? They learn to be proficient in all types of outdoor and hunting activities. They focus on 8 areas (4 shooting and 4 responsibility):
  • Shotgun – 5 stand sporting clay format, 30 targets 
  • Archery – 3D arhcery targets . life size targets set at various distances, 40 yards maximum
  • .22 Rifle – 3 shooting positions, metal knockdown / spinner targets ,75 yards maximum
  • Muzzle Loader - 3 shooting positions, metal knockdown / paper targets , 75 yards maximum
  • Orienteering – map and compass skills and applications 
  • Wildlife ID – learn to identify all types of wildlife from wings, scat, fur, etc.
  • Safety Trail – demonstrate safe handling of firearms on an organized course 
  • Exam – Info taken from the manual “A Hunters Guide” 
Each year YHEC holds a state competition in April where youth from all over the state come to test their skills in the above mentioned 8 categories. Any youth with a Hunter Safety “blue card” can participate. There is a minimal registration fee for the State competition and they can participate in one or up to all eight events. 

This is a great way for youth to improve their outdoor and hunting skills. They make new friends and build their confidence. This is a great opportunity for existing groups and clubs such as scouts, 4H, shooting clubs, etc. to have fun doing things they already enjoy like shooting and hunting in a competitive atmosphere. 

There are several groups across the state that meet and practice. Willing participants are welcome to practice with one of those groups and/or start their own group. Representatives from established groups are willing to come visit with your group to further explain the program, help your group get started, answer questions and to provide any help that you may need. Materials are available from the State YHEC Director, Brent Bassett. 

There are several websites that you can visit for more information: 
NRA YHEC site:  http://yhec.nra.org/
Utah DWR site:  https://wildlife.utah.gov/yhec.html

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