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 With CacheMagnet, you can

  • Read and display contents of .GPX or .LOC files.
  • Download waypoints to your GPSr
  • Load .ZIP files from pocket queries 
  • Edit cache descriptions and waypoint locations (great for puzzle caches)
  • Save changes to GPX files 
  • Print reports 
  • Print maps
  • Combine waypoint files using the import feature
  • Search the list of caches based on text or description
  • Send cache descriptions to an IPod Nano for paperless geocaching
  • Zoom and pan the map
  • View cache map in street, satellite, or birds-eye views
  • View cache pages from

 CacheMagnet's map can be zoomed and panned. It can be viewed in regular (street) mode, satellite mode, or hybrid.  The hybrid map mode is great for figuring out where trails are for finding possible parking spots.

You will need to be connected to the internet to run CacheMagnet.

CacheMagnet has some cool features, there are definitely more to come!  Nothing in CacheMagnet will "hurt your computer".  There is no spy-ware, mal-ware, ad-ware, pop-ups or registration, and CacheMagnet is 100% free.