Centre Autonome Creatif d'Arts Organiques

Self Sustaining Creative Arts Center


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  • Accessible to all
  • Supporting the   local environment

Become a member and share in the harvest of tasty, free, organic food.


Cacao (Centre Autonome Creatif d'Arts Organiques) is a french acronym for a self sustaining creative arts centre where organic food, community gardening and artisitic creation come together. Centred around sustainable development and environmental education this project promotes the organic movement in sharing knowledge about food production (vegetables, meat, herbs and medicinal plants), product transformation, (conserves, dairy produce)  and of course the actual consumption of the products. 

Members are welcome to come and harvest for free from the food grown on site and contribute to its design, plantation and cultivation. 

By studying and utilising productive plants and animals suited to our site we are creating and supporting a local autonomous community of producers and consumers.    

Located 5 min away from the centre of Avranches the CACAO fields are easily accessible.