We imported three new Purebred Spanish bucks from Smoke Ridge in Montana in Oct 2013 to breed to our does (shown at left) 

We had some awesome kids out of our pb, 3/4 and half Spanish does. 

Because we live in NE Alberta where winter temperatures  average -15 to -25C (0 to -20F)  we purchased some puebred Spanish does when we started raising goats. We were amazed that these Spanish gals preferred to sleep outside on top of a snowdrift at night while their Boer and Dairy cousins huddled inside the shelters.

We also liked the Spanish x Boer kids they produced, so  we added Sultan as a herd sire. He definitely addded vigor and good winter coats to our commercial herd, as have several of his pb Spanish sons.

Many of the does in our herd now have some Spanish blood in them, and during our 2009 kidding, a number of these does that were bred to one of our Kiko bucks (Sir William , who is black and white) have had predominantly black kids .
We really like the Savannah x Spanish and Kiko x Spanish kids that have been born at Cabrita Hills Farm.
We expect to add a new pb Spanish buck very soon to breed to our pb Spanish does that we have.  We have also made it our practice to breed our first time does to either Spanish or Kiko bucks so that the kids will be smaller and easier to deliver.

T112 is 50%Spanish x 44% Boer x 6% Dairy (13 months old)

 Spanish cross kids at 8 or 9 months