(left) reg. Savannah buck - Keri Rose B0117 at 4 months                                                                                                         (center) Young 75% Kiko doe with 3 mo. buckling out of Keri Rose B0117 - practicing
                   (right)  Oops! We thought 2.5 months was too young to breed , but Z176 (50% Sav x 25% Kiko x 25% Boer) says he isn't too young! He's seen here in action with a yearling Kiko x Boer doe. We'd better wean before 3 months!
Savannah goats are NOT "white Boer goats"'. These large, meaty genetically distinct "ultimate easy keeping goats" were developed into a breed by Cilliers and Sons of South Africa in the mid 1950s.  They are non-seasonal breeders that thrive even under harsh conditions, and the does kid easily, have lots of milk and are excellent mothers. The kids are vigorous and growthy - and, as we are discovering, breed at a young age (see photo above)! Of interest to those of us in the northern areas; except for Spanish goats, Savannahs have more cashmere in their coats than other meat goats.
For excellent information on Savannah goats and their history, please go to
We have two pb Savannah bucks, and are extremely pleased with their contribution to our breeding program. They cross very well with our Kikos and Spanish, and the kids are quite impressive. We will be breeding our yearling half-Savannah does this winter, and are really looking forward to 2013 kidding.  We expect to keep all of the doelings produced for the next few years.  We currently have a few Savannah x Kiko yearlings for sale, and will be offering more next year.
Two photos (left and center) of Y0669, our older Savannah buck, and one of Keri Rose B0117 (now a yr old) and Y0669 (background). They are both white, but it had been muddy and they had also been "annointing" their front legs and faces, so they don't look very white in these photos!