Maremma photos
Here are a few photos of some of our Maremmas on duty with our goats at Cabrita Hills Farm.

Although we live in the center of "coyote country", our goats are well guarded  by our watchful Maremmas.

Tali, from Rustichella and Tuscolo's first litter, drew "hillside patrol" today.

Patrolling near a dugout has its advantages on a hot day!


Our Maremmas are very closely bonded to the goats. When one doe refused to feed her new kid who was too weak to stand, Sophie,  who was nursing pups, climbed into the pen and fed the kid. She kept it alive until it was strong enough to stand and then continued to nurse it for several weeks until a foster doe took over the job.


It's a good thing our Maremmas get along well with each other, as we sometimes have quite a few together when they are in the winter corrals and shelters!
Our goats trust our dogs and go to them for protection. S185 is snuggled up against Renzo in this photo.
Renzo watches for danger while Primo snoozes beside T39 after a busy night patroling for coyotes.
Our dogs constantly check out their charges to ensure that "all is well" This is Kira, checking a kid's welfare