Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

Maremma LGD's have been  protecting our goats against the numerous predators in our area since 1999, and Cabrita Hills pups are now guarding goats, sheep and alpacas on many North American ranches.

In 2005, we imported two registered Maremmas. Our sire, Cabrita Hills Tuscolo's parents were both Italian imports; and we flew Rustichella Dell'Antico Traturro in from Italy. They have had three litters, and all the pups sold very quickly. We have kept pups from each of their litters for guarding our goats and for future breeding, and are extremely impressed with their working ability and dedication to their goats.  

Rustichella Dell'Antico Tratturo (2005 - 2009) pictured here at 8 months. We were devestated to lose her in an accident in October 2009.
We have several of her intact sons (see below) and have recently re- acquired her first two female pups (Ciela and Gianna - born 2007) and are continuing her genetics through breeding these offspring to Magnus who was imported from Missouri in May 2010.
 Ciela  has had several litters of pups.  See dogsforsale for details. The photo of Gianna was taken in early May, and with the warmer weather, she was starting to lose her winter coat.
and Gianna who has also produced some wonderful litters of pups.
(both born Feb 2007 out of Rustichella x Tuscolo importeditalianmaremmas) were guarding sheep in north central Alberta for the past 3 years. The both look and act a LOT like Rustichella.

They are bred to Magnus, our new MSCA registered Maremma from Burks Farm in Missouri. Magnus (seen here the day after he arived at 6 months of age)  comes from impressive lines of Maremma guardian dogs.  He bonded very quickly to our does and late fall 2009 kids, and is the first to bark warnings when the coyotes start to sound.
Tessa is seen here, less than 24 hours after her arrival, with half-Kiko bucklings that were born in early Feb. Although she was raised with Alpacas, she bonded to the goats within hours.

Suvi (born Feb 2009) now guards sheep in at Willow Springs Ranch Montana
Primo (Suvi's brother - (born Feb 2009) is a very faithful neutered guardian to our goats.
Renzo (born 2008)with some Kiko cross bucks and our 2 Alpacas. He is still intact and will be bred to a new female Maremma in the future. We have clocked him running at  55 mph. He probably runs even faster, but that's the top speed our truck can reach on the available road beside his pasture!






Abby watching her does.

Kira checking out one of her kids.