Kiko Goats

Kiko goats are becoming well known as wonderful moms who consistently kid twins without human intervention.  The kids are vigorous and "hit the ground running". They grow rapidly, have sound feet, are parasite-resistant, need minimal maintenance input and reach sexual maturity early.   Kiko-Boer cross kids exhibit hybrid vigor and gain weight even more rapidly than purebred Kikos . Adding even a small amount of Kiko can make a big difference to a herd. Click on the link to learn more about Kikos.

In 2006 we added two unregistered Kiko bucklings (#300 and #301) to our breeding program. Their sire, Patches, and dams are both out of a closed herds of Kikos that were imported into Canada from Goats Unlimited. The imported goats were sired or grandsired by some of the original  GUL goats imported from New Zealand.

We were so impressed by their 2007 offspring, that we bred all of our does to our 2 Kiko bucks in December 2007, and 112 does kidded in the first 18 days of our kidding season! No wonder Kikos have a reputation for virility!

We are currently keeping all half- and three-quarter Kiko doelings for our own breeding program, but are offering a some of our best half- and three-quarter Kiko x bucks for sale.  The other percentage is Savannah / Spanish and/or Boer. Ask us for details.

In late June, 2008, we added an AKGA registered Kiko buck, TWC's Keystone's Sir William. He was in with a few does in early August 2008, and produced 10 wonderful kids.

We put Sir William in with our older Boer/Spanish  and young half-Kiko does in December, and in the first  9 days of May kidding, his does produced over 80 kids! We didn't have to help with ANY of the kiddings -  even with first time kidding does. All of the kids hit the ground vibrant and raring to go. It has been a joy to watch the first timer half-Kiko does mother their 3/4 Kiko kids.


Kiko buck #301 at 4 months of age with his dam. 
We also added Sir Lancelot, out of Conferate / Generator / Tasman Zorro /Moneymaker lines; and he has added many kids to our herd. In May 2012 he sired 8 sets of triplets.
(photo to be posted soon)


Although many pb Kikos are white, they also come in many other colors and patterns, as a websearch  will show.  Kiko crosses can be any color!

Here are some photos of our half-Kiko kids. We've been delighted by the variations in color. The moms were Boer, Spanish or Boer-Spanish crosses; a few had some dairy influence as well.

A lot of our Kiko-Boer cross kids are fairly traditional (right and below). However, many sport the distinctive "aviator goggles" (see the buckling on the right, below) of one of our bucks.




Many have multicolored markings (above)  or speckled ears  as in this half Kiko, quarter Spanish, quarter BoerxDairy buckling to the right, 

but others are solid light, medium or dark brown like this half Kiko, 38% Boer, 12% Spanish doeling that Gil is holding. 

Our favorites are the ones with spots or patches. Some are solid grey or tan with black patches, some are dark with light patches. U28, the doeling above, is a Kiko-Boer cross.


Kiko buck #300, 10 months old. 


Patches, sire of our first two Kiko bucks

 T29, above,  one of our half Kiko / half Boer bucklings weighed 103 pounds at 13 months.