Imported Italian Maremmas

registered with the MSCA (Maremma Sheepdog Club of America)

Our imported dogs, from three of the most respected Italian breeders, come from lines that have guarded livestock for centuries. Their ancestors and relatives have also received honor and recognition in both Europe and Australia.

Tuscolo (MSCA)  is an excellent guardian for our goats. His parents are both Italian imports. His paternal grandmother, Cleopatra, can be viewed at 
 and his mother is from, where there are photos of Italian Champion Bastiano, his maternal grandsire. He has sired two litters of Rustichella's pups.

We imported Rustichella Dell'Antico Tratturo (LIR, MSCA) (seen below) from Italy in August, 2005.  We were devastated when she died from an accident in October 2009. However, we are continuing her line through breeding  Rustichella x Tuscolo daughters (Ciela and Gianna)  to Magnus, the new MSCA Maremmas that we imported in May 2010. See details at maremmalivestockguardiandogs

 Rustichella's mother, Brina, is the sister of Italian Champion Catone. Catone and Serra ('Chella's paternal granddam), can be seen at .Rustichella is also closely related to the UK Champion Osca dei Guinoni through Terenzio and Serra.


Rustichella's sire is Massaro, shown on the left. 


 Rustichella is also very closely related to Abruzzo, the Australian champion who can be seen at  .   


Rustichella was not only majestic, but also a wonderful livestock guardian. She was extremely concerned about her goats' welfare, and was especially  protective of our kids.  If one was ill or injured, she would lie with it and not let any other animals come near.