Reference: Cabrita Hills Herdsires that built our herd.

Y149 50% Savannah x 25% Kiko x Spanish/Boer is sired by Y0669, a pb Savannah buck imported from Connecticut (see his photo below) -see two of his offspring for sale goatsforsale
 Y149 with some of our pb black Spanish bucks Sept 2016

Y22 50% Kiko x Boer is sired by High Noon (see his photo below), and throws a lot of big, beautiful mahogany colored kids -see two of his offspring for sale goatsforsale Y22 (7 years old) is for sale!
 Photos above were taken a few years ago. The one below was taken Sept. 2016

Z201 50% Savannah x 25% Kiko  x 25% Boer (sired by KeriRose 0117 - see below). He throws growthy kids with good mothering traits.
Cayenne (Smoke Ridge 1342) is one of the three pb Spanish bucks we imported from Yvonne Zweede Tucker (Montana). Most of his kids have been mahogany or black and have thick winter coats.
Montana (Smoke Ridge 3052 - pb Spanish) has also thrown beautiful kids. He bred 42 out of 59 seven month old doelings when he was under 2 years old. The rest weren't ready for breeding. His predominantly black kids have warm winter coats.
We purchased three new pb Kiko bucklings out of Oregon and Quebec genetics, and will be using them this breeding season. Here are two of them at 6 months of age. NC125 is on the left, NC 84 is on the right. 

Reference Sires  pb KIKO 

Kiko CPK High Noon (AKGA) out of Hemp's Golden Boy and HKF Carolyn adds good color to his offspring. He carries a lot 0f meat on his carcass, and comes out of Betula Hills Moneymaker, Goatex Generator, Goatex Goliath and AAS Goldmine lines.

 Kikos TWC Keystone's William (AKGA) (foreground) and Sir Lancelot (behind him) are both out of Tasman Zorro / Goatex Confederate / Goatex Generator and Betula Hill Moneymaker lines. William and his vigorous sons throw lots of color. Lancelot throws lots of triplets. Both bucks were young when this photo was taken.
Kiko CPK McClintock (AKGA) , from Wyoming, out Katie and Top Gun, who are out of Goatex Confederate and Goatex Goldmine genetics. He has grown quickly, and though young, is an enthusiastic breeder.   
#300 (unregistered), one of our first Kiko bucks is out of Goats Unlimited lines.


 pb registered SAVANNAH SIRES

Y0669 from Connecticut (as a yearling and mature buck) has produced some outstanding kids.

 KeriRose 0117 sired 6 sets of triplets as well as MANY sets of twins in May and June 2012. Nearly all of his kids look "just like Dad".
As you can see, he matured into an impressive buck.