Bucks for sale -
Offering all of our breeding bucks as we are retiring.
We  are very impressed by our goats' sizes, conformation. and ability to handle living outside in our northern Alberta winter.

Add the Kiko advantage (vigorous kids, fast growth, good mothering, parasite resistance, good feet) to your meat goat herd. Visit our herdsires page to see some of the sires that we have been using in our breeding program.


We've  replaced Boers with Savannahs  (Excellent mothering, hardy, good feet and parasite resistance; survivors; size,  appearance and growth similar to Boers). See SavannahGoats for more Savannah information! 
To increase warm winter coats and winter hardiness in our herd, we imported three pb Spanish Bucks from Smoke Ridge Ranch (Montana) in 2013 and have been very pleased with the winter hardiness they have added to our herd. 
We've been very pleased with the results of our Kiko x Savannah x Spanish cross-breeding program, as we develop goats that thrive in our Northern Canadian prairie climate. They easy to kid out (we sleep nights during kidding), easy to raise, great Moms with lots of milk, able to look after themselves in the bush, and have winter hardiness with great coats. Our goats know how to be goats - year around!

2017 Bucklings - photos taken at the end of November 2017. They are now available for sale. Choose early to get the best selection!

7-8 month old bucklings in early January, 2016. Our goats are very hardy - bred to thrive in our Northern Alberta climate 
75% Savannah Bucks 

A71 75% Savannah x 25%Spanish (born / raised twin) has been one of our main breeding bucks for the past 3 years. He produces great kids!


C242 75% Savannah x 19% Spanish x Boer (born / raised twin) is very stocky and also produces beefy kids.     SOLD

Purebred Kiko Bucks out of Lookout Point x Quebec Kikos
NC84 (pb Kiko born / raised twin) was bred  to our 2016 doelings and is currently in with 2017 doelings.
(born / raised twin April 2016) is also a purebred Kiko  (Bred to our 2016 doelings. Still growing, wide across the rear)

C149 50% Kiko x 41% Boer x 9% Spanish (born and raised twin)

75% to Purebred Spanish Bucks (born  2016)
D182     88 % Spanish  x 12% Boer (born/raised triplet) 
 94 % Spanish
x 6% Boer (born/raised twin)

C79 (88%  Spanish x 12% Boer) 

50% to 75% Kiko Bucks  (born May/June 2016)
D68 50% Kiko x 35% Boer x 15% Spanish
D138 38% Savannah x 25% Kiko x 25% Boer x 12% Spanish (born / raised twin)
D195 25% Savannah x 41% Kiko x 18% Spanish x 16% Boer
D227 25% Savannah x x 32% Kiko x 35% Spanish x 8% Boer (born / raised twin)
Y22 (50% Kiko x 50% Boer - born 2011 /raised twin) produced MANY of our 2012 -2017 kids. He is out of High Noon and throws heavy-duty kids.