All of our pups have been sold. 


Vito (full older sibling to our new litter) guarding his bucklings in the snow (January 2017).

 Vito was born June 2015 out of Zita x Renzo, so is a full sibling to our October 2017 litter. He is gorgeous and doing a wonderful job of guarding. We are extremely pleased with him. Shown below at 6 months with our buck herd.

    Zita just before the pups were born. She could hardly wait!

Ah, that's better!

Pups are growing quickly.  
And making new friends with chickens and goats. Got to watch them!

 Reference photos: Zita  x Renzo January 2017 litter     

Photos of some of the pups - taken March 3. Pups have just been moved, and are learning how to navigate the step in and out of their hut. They can choose to be with their goats or in their secure area.

Renzo (out of Rustichella [Italian import] and Tuscolo [parents Italian imports]) is a full brother to Gianna and Ciela (from a different litter - see their photos below). All of their pups have the same wonderful nature, exceptional guardian abilities and majestic appearance that all of Rustichella and Tuscolo line display.

All of our breeding dogs are big and heavy-set (Abruzzo type). They are all registered with the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America.

Renzo watching some kids that love to play on the face of a cliff.

Zita, our newest bitch is out of parents who were both imported from Italy 
    Photos of a previous (June 2014) litter out of Zita x Renzo.
    Zita and her pups, surrounded by some of our Buff Orpington chicks.

    Pups grow fast - and at 5 weeks love their Mom's milk.

    2014 pups (just under 5 weeks old) bonding to goats and chickens.

    Reference photos of Italia (Tali) x Vito Litter Jan 3/17 (all sold).

     Tali and her pups (3 wks old) 

Italia and Vito's pups at 6 weeks (Feb 15, 2015)at left and below.

  (photos below: at 2 months)    

  • Ciela's and Gianna's 8 and 15 mo old male pups (sired by Tuscolo)  with 2 - 8 yr old adult does      

Sophia's pups guarding yearling bucks

 Ciela's and Gianna's pups:
Our pups are with goats shortly after their eyes open and go to WORKING HOMES  when they are 9-10 weeks old.  

Our litters are registered with the MSCA, and the pups are microchipped, wormed and have their first vaccinations.
The sire, Tuscolo is a magnificent yet loving guardian. Predators don't hang around when he is on duty. He is quick to spot and respond to danger for his herd.  
Two photos of the sire, Tuscolo, whose parents were both imported from Italy.
These photos of Gianna's pups were taken May 11, 2013, when the pups were 2 months and 5 days old. As  you can see, they are actively guarding and following their goats. The pups seemed to find it easier to climb the hill than the goats did!

Gianna - left- (whose mother was imported from Italy) nursing pups and watching her goats.

Ciela - mother of the pups born May 5, 2014 (Ciela is NOT for sale)
Our pup litters are registered with the MSCA, are microchipped, wormed and have received at least their first vaccination.
Here are several of Ciela's 2011 pups with Y67, a small triplet goat that Ciela adopted. Ciela (Gianna's sister) fed Y67 along with her pups, and they all became "siblings"!

These photos demonstrate the bonding of our pups with their goats.

Here are some of Nunzia's pups with their doelings (Dec 5, 2011) - at left and lower left.
    and Jan 2012
Three of Ciela's pups (from an earlier litter) at 10 months old guarding one of our goat herds. We are delighted with their personalities and guarding ability as they share their parents devotion to their goats. Nunzia is on the left side of the photo. 

December 2010 pups guarding their doe herd

Two of our breeding bitches are sisters Gianna and Ciela (MSCA registered) out of our Rustichella (Italian import) and Tuscolo (first generation from Italian imports).  They are excellent guardians,  have wonderful natures and are big and beautiful.

Ciela (left) who is shown losing her winter coat.

                                                                                            Gianna (below) is NOT for sale

MSCA registered

Magnus  (SOLD) -  shown at a year old - was devoted to his bucklings.
He guarded does in a bush pasture and has demonstrated amazing devotion to them as well. If his does start to move before he finishes his dinner, he will pick up his heavy wooden food dish and carry it until the does stop - and then continue eating dinner.

Month old pups guarding their Kiko cross doelings


Pups at 10 days old.


 This photo of Magnus was taken shortly after he arrived at Cabrita Hills Farm when he was just over 6 months old.
 Here are some April 2010 pups with Suvi,  (Gianna and Ciela's brother from Rustichella and Tuscolo's Feb. 2009 litter).  Suvi is now guarding sheep in Montana.
 All of our purebred Maremma pups are raised with goats, and are microchipped, wormed and receive their first vaccination before sale. The litters are registered with the  Maremma Sheepdog Club of America.
Please contact us for information on reserving / purchasing pups to guard your livestock. We reserve the right to place animals at our discretion.
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