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Cabrita Hills Does

We've 200 breeding does.
Dec 2017: We are now

  Does in the snow

Beside our east dugout.

Kiko x doe and Spanish sired triplets

Savannah x Kiko doe and 75% Savannah doeling

Yearling does

Does at sunset.

The pictures represent only 
   offering   many   for

Part of our doe herd Oct. 2017

Kiko x Savannah doe; 2 month kid

7 yr old Kiko x Spanish doe, 3 wk old twins

Kiko x doe and buckling

Kiko x Savannah x Spanish with triplets. Her triplets totaled 107 pounds when weaned.

Our goats grow their own winter coats! Spanish x Kiko x Boer.

a sample of them. 
sale. Contact for details

Waiting "patiently" for grain .

7 week old kids and moms

Savannah x Kiko x Spanish doe with one of her twins

75% Kiko doe with Savannah sired kids

50% Savannah x Spanish x Kiko    twins  (6 weeks old)

Warm and well-insulated for winter.
Spanish x Savannah x Kiko