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March 20/18

We sold many of our goats in January, but after holding some back for ourselves have decided to retire.  We are reluctantly offering our remaining goats for sale. 
  • Our breeding bucks (see them at goatsforsale)and many excellent almost-yearling bucklings (first come, first served) - group photo at goatsforsaleAVAILABLE
  • All pb registered pups are sold, but we are selling two pb registered Maremma breeding pairs Maremma Breeding Pairs for sale  AVAILABLE
  • *********************************************
  • Sorry. We have sold ALL of our does and doelings
  • Purebred Spanish starter herd 

    composed of 
    • three 3 yr old does (all twinned last May)
    • three 2 year old does
    • 1 doeling
    • mature unrelated pb Spanish buck imported from Montana

  • Twenty does that we held back to breed to C242  (75% Savannah x Spanish - see him at goatsforsale) on Dec 19/17. Some were bred in Sept or November, but C242 has been busy with the rest. 
  • 32 doelings - some bred, some currently being bred by a NC84 pb Kiko buck (see him at to the left of the dogs and at goatsforsale)