Beginners' Dances

Here are more we're learning: 
Spanish Waltz Mixer (19th Century Waltz Mixer) (instruction sheet) (except we do a rotary waltz to get around to the next couple)

Ve David (Israel couple) and for the instruction sheet
Coco Jamboo (Israeli-German individual)
Hora Lui Dobrica (Romania circle)
Tango Mixer (Vintage couple)
Brasoveanca (Romanian couple)
Devicha Khorodvodnaya (Russian circle)
Charleston Madison (Vintage individual)
Polka Dot (Scotland)
Sicilian Circle (vintage)

Here is a list of dances we did during the Beginners' Hour+   At the suggestion of Dale, a new dancer, I've linked the dances we did to instructions you can find on the web--not all dances were found though.