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Name: Dr. Mary Soltis, Coordinator/Instructor - TPP STEM/CTE
phone: 831-479-6114

Welcome to Education 80/80L - part of the TPP STEM/CTE Grant at Cabrillo College. This website will assist you in accessing information you will need for Education 80 (part of the HASS Division), site placements, career counseling, and other services and opportunities provided by the TPP STEM/CTE grant and the Education Department at Cabrillo College.
Education 80 (and starting in Fall 2015, 80L) is a course that gives students the opportunity to explore teaching and pedagogy while participating in Community Service Learning at school sites throughout the county each semester. 

Starting in Fall 2015, ED 80 will be split into two components: a lecture course and a lab. The lecture course will explore assumptions about teaching and learning by looking at educational history, philosophy, learning theory and curriculum and diversity issues in today’s classroom.  Students will have a chance to reconsider what teaching should try to accomplish in a culturally and linguistically diverse world.  In addition to the lecture course, ED 80L will be a lab that includes a Community Service Learning component that requires students to explore and apply concepts from the lecture course. These courses can be taken concurrently or separately, depending on the needs of the student.