The house in the dunes

(A casa da duna)

Edicións Xerais de Galicia, 2002

White Ravens 2003

Fran Alonso (text) / Manuel G. Vicente (photogr.)

Little Alba lives in a small house by the vast sea. Every day, she goes outside to meet the ever changing nature which always has new surprises in store for her and her friend, the tom-cat Bicos. The author, well known for his poetry, has transposed the experiences of the child into a lyrical text, which perfectly harmonises with the expressive, dreamy photographs. A world full of fantastical references is reflected in the depicted things of the real world. The book, published shortly before the accident of the oil-tanker near the Galician coast, is also a call for the protection of the fragile nature, so that the sea will not suddenly, one day, be »the colour of bats«. (6+)

The spider and me  
Love Letters
(Cartas de amor)

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Sea – Protection of the environment – Friendship – Dream

Spain (Galician) - 2003 - 155 
Vicente, Manuel G. (photogr.)
A casa da duna
(The house in the dunes)
Vigo : Ed. Xerais de Galicia, 2002. 48 p.
ISBN 84-8302-871-9

White Ravens 2003,  Internationale Jugendbibliothek de Múnic