(Vigo, 1963)

Fran Alonso (Vigo, 1963), a writer, editor and journalist, is the Subdirector of the Edición Xeral in Xerais, a publishing house where he has been working since 1992, mainly carrying out duties related to literary edition, and the vice-president of the Galician Association of Editors. He was a contributor for Diario 16 de Galicia, La Voz de Galicia and the El País supplement «Luces», and he now collaborates with the weekly newspaper A Nosa Terra. As a writer, he has published more than 17 works and has won several literary awards. Among his narrative works, the following can be highlighted: Tráiler (1991), Cemiterio de elefantes (1994), Silencio (1995), O brillo dos elefantes (1999), Males de cabeza (2001) and Cartas de amor (2006). As a poet, he has published Persianas, pedramol e outros nervios (1992), Tortillas para os obreiros (1996), Cidades (1997), Subversións (2001) and Balada solitaria (2004). He has also published the illustrated albums A casa da duna [The House of the Duna] (2002) and A araña e mais eu, translated to english by Kalandraka as The spider and me.