CGA Prices

CGA Prices


1 hour a week: $60.00 a month
Parent and Tot (ages 2-3)
45 Minutes a week:   $40.00 a month



1 hour per week recreational classes   $60.00 a month

1 hour 2 nights per week   $90.00 a month



1 night, 2 hours   $90.00 a month


 All students will come to an age appropriate class and be evaluated.

The evaluation will determine which class your child needs to be in according to their skill level



Registration Fee: $30/yr or $45/yr for 2 or more siblings

(Collected at time of registration and every April)


***Specials for multiple siblings***

$15 off for families with 2 - 3 students in one hour or two hour classes

More than 3 siblings enrolled talk to Becky for discount information

No discount for Parent and Tot Class combination

Private Lessons

30 Minutes $30.00 for 1-2 Siblings or Friends

30 Minutes $45.00 for 3 or more Sibling or Friends

1 hour $45.00 for 1-2 Siblings or Friends

1 hours $60.00 for 3 or more Siblings or Friends

 There is an additional $10.00 fee for non enrolled students