Language Arts Grades 5-8 

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Pacing Guides

On the Cabot district curriculum pacing guides, enduring understandings and essential questions help to frame student learning and promote critical thinking.  They also provide  a helpful framework for organizing a unit of study using multi-genres. 


5th Grade Pacing Guide

6th Grade Pacing Guide

7th Grade Pacing Guide

8th Grade Pacing Guide


Reader's Handbooks

Students have online excess to materials from the Reader's Guide.  They need to contact their teachers to get the password for that access. These books are correlated to the Arkansas State Language Arts Frameworks.


Writer's Inc

This is the writing resource for your student.  On their website,  you can access a variety of helpful tools. 


Parents' Guides to Focus Areas in Language Arts

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


Helpful Sites for Homework Assistance

Here are a few sites for finding help with your student's homework. Some of these work differently than others, so Be sure to read the instructions for each site because they each work differently.For those sites that answer questions, the speed and quality of the reply depends directly on the clarity of your question.


  • National Council of English Teachers Website for Parents     

     A collection of sources, strategies, and professional reading on   current topics