Visions of the Future: 
Skills for the 21st Century


TEDTALKS          Technology Entertainment Designs      

TED is an event that brings together more than 1000 thought-leaders, movers, and shakers for four days of learning, laughter, and inspiration each year. For a glimpse into the future, check out this site!                                


21st Century Skills  

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed a unified, collective vision for 21st century learning that can be used to strengthen American education. 

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 Thomas Friedman, Author       The World is Flat

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Education Program  CLICK HERE...


  Dr. Willard Daggett - International Center for Leadership in Education

Here is a link to Dr. Daggett's web site, with powerpoint presentations and white papers in support of his presentations.

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 Intel® Education Initiative    CLICK HERE...

Education is critical to each citizen's ability to thrive in the knowledge economy. Today's students must develop key 21st century skills such as familiarity with information and communication technology (ICT), problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration.


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