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A pacing guide is essentially a scope and sequence to help teachers, students, and parents know what should be studied during a specific time frame during the school year. They are guides to be used as assistance to determine skill sequence and an approximate amount of time that should initially be spent on a group of skills. 

The pacing guides have been designed using the various Arkansas Curriculum Framework Guides.  Committees of teachers, academic coaches, and curriculum specialists worked to group specific Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) and then write Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions.

Cabot teachers continue to work collaboratively to identify specific units, projects, research, writing & reading assignments and/or assessments that are expected in a specific grade or course.  Some of these items then become part of the students' portfolios.

Students who are not proficient on a group of grade level skills will receive additional help as outlined on that student's Academic Improvement Plan (AIP).