Arkansas Mathematics Frameworks

Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics

K-8 Math Framework

Algebra I Framework

Geometry Framework

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Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks

Revision of each of the Arkansas curriculum frameworks every six years is required by the state education reform initiatives mandated by the State Board of Education. All curriculum framework documents result from the work of a committee of Arkansas educators representing every facet of Arkansas education, including geographic region, grade, school size and fiscal status, gender, ethnicity, and education experience.

State Board rules for framework revision specify that committees rely on a variety of resources to inform their work. These include an expert reviewers’ evaluation of the current framework, input from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education, and a review of national standards and state standards from across the nation.

The framework is designed to facilitate learning from grade to grade The design of this revision allows third grade teachers to readily see what second and fourth graders must master, a fifth grade teacher to readily see what fourth and sixth graders must master, etc. The SLEs that indicate progression in a particular grade cluster (K-4, 5-8, 9-12) are aligned from column to column. The numbering of SLEs is strictly for record keeping purposes. The expectations are not intended to be taught from 1 forward, but rather to be taught in harmony with other appropriate SLEs in any sequence. If a SLE is not aligned with a SLE in another column, students must fully master the expectation at that grade. 

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