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 Curriculum & Instruction

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Framework Revision Cycle 

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Teaching for Impact

Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions 

Strategic Instruction Design (SID)

SEAL  (Standards, Examine Data, Assessment, Learning Experiences)

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Standards-based Report Cards

District-wide Common Assessments


 District Pacing Guides

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Academic Coaches  

K-4 Science Teams

Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks

  • State revises curriculum framework for a specific subject area according to the revision cycle   Framework Revision Cycle PDF
  • Teams of teachers from across Arkansas work together to revise and edit state framework  (work is usually done in the summer and fall) 
  • Framework for subject area will usually be divided into several strands.  Each strand will have one or more content standards.  Each standard will then identify the student learning expectations (SLEs) at every grade level.       FOR MORE INFO...
  • Arkansas Board of Education approves the framework (usually in February)

Cabot Public School District

  • Our goal is Teaching for Impact   FLOWCHART  (Used with author permission)
  • Our district develops pacing guides for K-12 with enduring understandings and essential questions with teacher teams, academic coaches, and curriculum team members (usually completed during the spring after state board approval). 
  • We use Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design (Carol Ann Tomlinson & Jay McTighe) to help us.  

This book provides us fresh perspectives on two of our greatest challenges: crafting powerful curriculum in a standards-dominated era and ensuring academic success for all learners. Each model strengthens the other. Understanding by Design is predominantly a curriculum design model that focuses on what we teach. Differentiated Instruction focuses on whom we teach, where we teach, and how we teach.

          • Enduring Understandings Overview:  mov clip
          • Essential Questions Overview:  mov clip
          • For more information about Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions     CLICK HERE

  • Standards-based report card items (K-4) are identified
  • Electronic version of pacing guides for K-12 are developed and posted on web (usually by July 1)
  • Parent Guides: What Should My Child Be Learning/Doing? developed and prepared for printer and web site
  • Common Assessment chunks are determined using the district pacing guides   MORE INFO...
  • Revise SEAL/Strategic Instruction Design (SID) to fit specific content area so it can be used for electronic planning and collaboration
          • Strategic Instructional Design (SID)  TEMPLATE
          • SEAL (Standards, Examine Data, Assessment, Learning Experiences)     Basic TEMPLATE
  • Common Projects/Units/Tests determined by teacher teams
  • Lesson or Unit Design with integration across academic disciplines
  • Determine Instructional Strategies
  • Instructional Materials 
  • Adoption/Order/Distribution/Accountability