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Arkansas History is taught as a social studies subject at each elementary grade level with greater emphasis at the fourth and fifth grade.  At least one full semester of Arkansas History shall be taught to all students between seventh and twelfth grade. (AR Standard

Hogwash: Coming Clean About Arkansas History

As future leaders of the state of Arkansas, it is important for students to learn how the people, cultures, and systems of Arkansas are connected. 

This thematic unit was written by Cabot teachers: Candace Thomason, Sarah Hagge, Tami Eggensperger, Carolyn Noblin, Shannon Parks, Jill Shaddox, Laura Vaughn and Michele Evans.

Parts of this unit are appropriate for a variety of grade levels.            Click to download unit...


Division Without the Math: North Against South, Brother vs. Brother

The Civil War defined America as a nation.  This unit includes aspects of the Civil War involving Arkansas.

This thematic unit was written by Cabot teachers: Cindy Walker, Caroline Gairahn, Kelly Julian, Claressa Davis, Kathy Johnston, Joyce Holman, and Jodi Whitehurst.

Parts of this unit  are appropriate for a variety of grade levels.           Click to download unit...


Secondary Arkansas History Unit

This electronic unit was originally designed for students at Cabot's Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) by curriculum team members Pam Berry and Sharon Rogers.

Parts of this unit are appropriate for a variety of grade levels.            Click to download...


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 Arkansas History Power Points

The Arkansas Community Foundation awarded the Cabot School District a Bridge Grant to promote better instruction in Arkansas History. The money was used to create history boxes for elementary grades.    Grade level texts and read-aloud texts were placed in each of the elementary libraries to be used with the boxes. Copies of these same books were placed in the Cabot Public Library.  Mike Polston, curator of the Cabot High School History Museum, assisted in obtaining artifacts for the boxes.     Below are the power point presentations built by the Curriculum Team to use with each box of artifacts.

Attention Cabot Teachers:  Each power point has an Arkansas History Box that is available for checkout through the curriculum department at CAO.  Contact us!  

The Old State House and Arkansas:Past and Present

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Song of Arkansas      Click here...

With beautiful photography and film clips, Song of Arkansas sings the often surprising praises of The Natural State and her people. Here you will meet the heralded and unsung heroes, the artists and athletes, the movers and shakers who have shaped Arkansas throughout her history. The 30-minute film takes you on a historical tour of the state, showing how the land shaped the music ... and how the music of the land shaped the people who give Arkansas its unique character.

Arkansas Civil War Sites  Click here

These Arkansas State Parks mark Arkansas’ role in the Trans-Mississippi Theater as the Union tried to hold Missouri in the Union and cut off Texas from the South.

The Prairie Grove site has been identified by the American Battlefield Protection Program as one of the most intact Civil War battlefields in the nation.