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We Believe iHeRQles is the Scientific Breakthrough of the Century!

1500 people used this new product and have reversed their age organically (herbal plant based) by up to 20+ years as verified by the 3rd party testing lab that received the Nobel Prize in Anti-Aging for developing the first and only accurate test for biological age.

So – How would YOU like to reverse your age by up to 20+ years? Can you imagine how you would look and feel if you did reverse your age by 5-10-15-20+ years and all the conditions that go with it?

Incredibly Expensive—right? NO, Only $124.99 a bottle!

What is your life and health worth? When you compare that to stem cell injections costing many thousands of dollars or the super expensive anti-aging products. And neither of those have tested to reverse aging even close to as much as iHeRQles!

On top of that it is so simple to use! Just 4 sprays under your tongue 15 minutes before you eat! Master Molecules from 44 pure plant based partial extracts rush into your bloodstream to open the micro-circulation and to nourish and clean your blood and stimulate your stem cells … which causes the telomeres to lengthen and the biological age to reverse.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE DOES THIS! Telomeres are the caps on ends of DNA. When cells die and new ones are formed the telomeres shorten. This happens every 120 days for all blood cells to be replaced. Aging is reflected in the length of the telomere.

iHeRQles is about choices.