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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wall Decor

mickey mouse clubhouse wall decor
    mouse clubhouse
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a children's television series, that premiered in prime time on Disney Channel on May 5, 2006. The program is part of the Playhouse Disney daily block of shows intended for preschoolers.
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
I think this is the first time I've baked, iced and decorated a cake all in one shot. When you add it all up, dang this takes a long time! I don't charge enough! I haven't even cleaned my kitchen yet! (and I made the cake last night!!!! Oh confessions of a cake baker!)
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake
My very first cake! This was for my daughter's third birthday and it's what started my newest passion...cake decorating. There are things I'd go back and correct but she loved it and that's all that counts.

mickey mouse clubhouse wall decor
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