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Formal Table Decor

formal table decor
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Banquette Seating
Banquette Seating
View from the rear of the long room. An area in the front of the room, near the entrance is composed of high stools - is less formal and friendly for casual groups; the middle houses the bar (with ample space for single diners) and tables for relatively quick drop ins; the back (where I was seated) was more for lingering - upholstered couches and banquettes, cozier nooks, quieter space. Bloor Street is viewable through the picture windows that line one side of the room, while designer ladies footware is on the opposite side behind the modern mural. I actually quite like the bright feel of the room - very simple, modern and chic, with only pops of red from the Italian leather chairs surrounding minimalist glass tables.
pedistal table with roses and red drape
pedistal table with roses and red drape
This gold pedestal table with an arrangement of roses placed in front of the drapery framed mirror is an eye catching focal point.

formal table decor
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